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10 Things Everyone Should Know About Tax Grievance

  1. Once a home is under contract, the homeowner can file a grievance
  2.  Lowering the real property taxes by $100 per month, will enable a buyer to purchase a house worth $20,000 more. This will not only get the Seller more money, it will get the Realtor more money in higher commissions.

Waiting Could Be A Costly Mistake

A homeowner purchased their home in May of 2008 for $325,000. At the time of her purchase, the town was assessing her at $430,000. Based on her purchase price, she could have reduced her tax bill by $2275 for the upcoming 2009/2010 period. This savings would have carried forward to future years.


School Taxes Going Up!

State Deficit Troubles Will Impact Local School Taxes

The recent troubles in Albany with the state budget deficit are hitting Long Island school districts and local area residents hard. Homeowners in Half Hollow Hills recently received notices that their school taxes could be going up as much as 10%.

Ask the Tax Griever


A. A tax grievance is a complaint filed against a town’s assessed value on a particular parcel of property based upon comparable sales.  Read more....

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