How We Work at All Island

At All Island Tax Grievance, we specialize in Property Tax Grievance services for Suffolk County Homeowners.  We are exceptionally well-versed in the requirements of Property Tax Grievance at the Tax Assessor’s office of each of the 10 Suffolk County Townships we serve:

BabylonBrookhavenEast Hampton
SmithtownSouthamptonSouthold/Shelter Island

Once you complete and sign our simple application form, either online or through the mail (click on the appropriate box to the right), we begin building your case.  If you have a useable property appraisal, we will incorporate that into your file.  If not, we will conduct our own appraisal of the exterior of your house, and your property.  There is no charge for this appraisal, unless we win you a reduction — then it is $75.
We will file your tax grievance in May, before the deadline date.  You should expect a decision from the Town in late Summer or early Fall.  If you receive a reduction from the Board Assessment Review, you will see your lower assessment on your December tax bill. 
If you grievance is denied, but we believe we can still win your case, we will file an appeal on your behalf.  We do this within 30 days of the declination — usually September or October.  We represent you case at a hearing, and the court usually renders a decision within 30 days of the hearing.  If our appeal is successful, and we win a reduction for you, your second half tax bill will be revised to reflect your new assessment, and will show a credit for your first half overpayment.  If you’ve already paid your taxes in full, the Town will issue a refund check. 
OUR FEES:  We do not charge any upfront fees.  If we get you a reduction, we charge 50% of the first year's savings.

If we had to file an appeal, we charge $30.00 for the court filing fee.  If we conducted the property appraisal, we charge $75.  Savings in all subsequent years are entirely yours. 



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A. A tax grievance is a complaint filed against a town’s assessed value on a particular parcel of property based upon comparable sales.  Read more....

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